11 Jun

Block of the Month Sewing Kit

In Quilt Now 12, Reene Witchard showed you how to assemble the Suffolk puffs. Here's how to use them to create a pretty Spring Garland. 


Reene Witchard's Spring Garland



  • 3 yards Perle thread/ embroidery floss
  • project template from issue 12
  • template plastic or thin card
  • 6 5½” squares of fabric for the Suffolk puffs
  • selection of beads & buttons

1 Follow steps 1- 6 on pages 87 - 89 to create six Suffolk puffs.

2 Find the centre of the thread by matching the ends together then form a small hanging loop at the centre and hold in place with a knot. (See project Fig A.)

3 Place a bead on to the doubled thread a couple of inches away from the hanging loop. Pass the thread back around and through the bead to hold it in position as shown (See project fig B.) To secure the bead in place tie a small knot in the loop around the bead. (See project Fig C.)

4 A couple of inches on from the bead, pass the thread through from the centre back of a Suffolk puff. Place a button on to the thread then pass the thread back through the centre of the puff. (See project Fig D.) Repeat to attach the button securely to the centre of the Suffolk puff. (See project Fig E.)

5 Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your garland is full. When placing the final bead, secure a hanging loop through it.





Reene Witchard's 

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