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Free Project! Block of the Month Hoop Art

Quilt Now issue 11 saw our Block of the Month quilt tackle Dresden Corners - here's an extra make using the technique! 

Reene Witchard's Dresden Hoop 

4 2½x5” pieces bright coloured fabric for Dresdens
11” square background fabric
11” square backing fabric
11” square wadding
paper for templates
templates A-D from Quilt Now issue 11
9” embroidery hoop
embroidery-weight thread
non-permanent fabric marker

1 Follow steps in Quilt Now issue 11 to make the Dresden corner.
2 Place the embroidery hoop in the centre of the background fabric square then position the Dresden corner. (See Pic A.)
3 Mark the curve of the Dresden corner using a non-permanent fabric marker. Pin the Dresden corner in place. (See pics B & C.)
4 Appliqué the Dresden corner to the background fabric using your favourite method then press well.
5 Place the hoop on the background fabric then decide on the placement of your text and trace it (or write directly) onto the background fabric using a non-permanent fabric marker. (See Pic D.)
6 Place the background fabric onto the wadding then place in the correct position in the embroidery hoop. Make sure the hoop is as tight as a drum for the next stage. (See Pic E.)
7 Embroider over the marked text as desired. I used a simple backstitch and French knots for the dots.
8 Mark the outline of the reverse edge of the embroidery hoop on the background fabric using a non-permanent fabric marker. (See Pic F.)
9 Pin the background fabric to hold the wadding in place then remove the embroidery hoop and cut along the marked line. (See Pic G.)
10 Place the background fabric circle on the backing fabric square, wrong sides together, then pin in place. (See Pic H.)
11 Satin-stitch all around the circle approximately ⅛” from the raw edge. (See Pic I.)
12 Cut away the excess fabric from the outer edge of the satin-stitched line, taking care not to catch the edge of the stitching. (See Pic J.)
13 Place the finished circle back in to the embroidery hoop and tighten the screw to hold the circle in place. You're hoop is now ready for displaying.

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