21 Apr

Free Project! Block of the Month Sewing Kit

In Quilt Now 10, Reene Witchard showed you how to make interesting gathered hexagons. Here's how to use them to create a handy mini sewing kit. 

Reene Witchard's Travel mini sewing kit

4½x9” fabric for gathered hexagons
7½x13” fabric for front panel
7½x13” fabric for lining panel
3½x13” fabric for pocket panel
5x10” felt for needle keeper
template plastic or thin cardboard
Templates A and B from Quilt Now issue 10 for the hexagon
small button (optional)
1½” ¼”-wide elastic (optional)
7½x13” lightweight interfacing for front panel (optional, for a stiffer finished item)

1 Follow steps 1-8 in Quilt Now issue 10 to produce a gathered hexagon.
2 If desired, apply lightweight interfacing to the wrong side of the 7½x13” front panel according to manufacturer’s instructions.
3 Turn all raw edges of the hexagon under by a scant ¼” towards the template B fabric and gently press only the edges. Place the hexagon with template A fabric facing upwards on the centre of the right-hand side of the front panel. Appliqué in place using an invisible hand stitch, or machine-edge stitch. (See Pic A.)
4 If desired, attach a small button ¾” in from the centre of the right-hand edge of the front panel. (See Pic B.)
5 Turn the 3½x13” pocket panel over by ¼” along thr top edge, then turn over again by another ¼” so that the raw edge is enclosed and press well. Top stitch a scant ¼” seam allowance along the top edge to hold in place. (See pics C, D & E.)
6 Pin the 3½x13” pocket panel to the 7½x13” lining panel, matching the raw edges of the fabric at the bottom and sides. Baste in place using ⅛” seam allowance down both sides and along the bottom edge. (See pics F & G.) 
7 Place the felt piece in the centre of the 7½x13” lining panel. (See Pic H.) 
8 Stitch along the centre line from the bottom to the top of the lining panel. (See Pic I.) 
9 If desired, stitch from the bottom to the top of the pocket panel to make compartments in the pocket panel to store some sewing essentials. Use your chosen essentials as a guide to the width of your pocket compartments. (See Pic J.)
10 If desired, baste a small piece of elastic to the centre of the right-hand edge of the lining panel, making sure that it matches up with the position of the button on the front panel. (See Pic K.) 
11 Place the front panel, right sides together, on top of the lining panel. Pin in place then sew a ¼” seam allowance around all four sides, leaving a 2” turning gap on one of the long edges. (See Pic L.) 
12 Clip the corners, taking care not to cut into the stitching. Turn right sides out then press well. Topstitch as close to the edge as you dare around all four sides to close the turning gap and provide a neat finish. (See Pic M.) 
13 Now you're all set to carry a little sewing kit with you wherever you go!

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