09 Feb

Free Project! Block of the Month- Cushion

Issue 8's Block of the Month: Whip up a sofa full of these fast geese cushions!

Read all instructions carefully before starting.

Finished size: approximately 15x18”


4 7¾” squares saturated print fabric
16 4⅜” squares low-volume print fabric
10x15½” panel low-volume print fabric for backing
12½x15½” panel low-volume print fabric for backing
15½x18½” piece wadding

making the cushion

1 Follow steps 1-11 in Quilt Now issue 8 to create 16 flying geese units (you will have one left over).

2 Play with the layout of your blocks until you are happy with the placement then sew together in rows of five. 

project fig a-001

3 Press all of the blocks in the same direction (seam away from the point of the geese) so that the rows will nest together when you join them.

4 Join the rows together. 

project fig b

 5 Press the row seams open so that the cushion top will lie as flat as possible for quilting.

6 Baste the cushion top to the wadding and then quilt as desired. Our version is straight-line quilted in chevrons each side of the diagonal seams. 

project fig c

7 Hem one long edge of each backing panel by turning under a ¼” towards the wrong side. Press and then turn under again to hide the raw edge. 

project fig d

8 Clip or pin in place, then topstitch close to the edge to secure.

9 Place the cushion top on a flat surface, right side facing up, then place the 12½x15½” backing panel on the left-hand side of the cushion top, right sides together and matching the raw edges. Place the 10x15½” piece on the right-hand side of the cushion top, right sides together and matching the raw edges. Pin in place then sew around all four edges. 

project fig e

10 Clip the corners, then turn the cushion right sides out. Press to finish. 

project fig f


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