17 Oct

Free Project! Block of the Month Santa Sack

Bargello Tube Technique gets the Block of the Month treatment this month, and Reene Witchard has transformed it into a festive sack to make too! 

Christmas Sack by Reene Witchard

Finished size: approximately 27x35”



2 2x16½” strips each of Cotton and Steel Basics 5000-009, 5001-009, 5002-013 & 5001-007
1½ yards hessian/soft jute fabric
1yard grosgrain ribbon for sack tie
12wt Aurifil wool thread (optional, for blanket stitch)





1 Follow steps 1-7 in Quilt Now Issue 4 to make four blocks using <fig a> as a guide to fabric placement.
2 Sew the four blocks together to form an appliqué panel. <fig b>

3 Press a ¼” seam allowance to the wrong side of the panel around all four sides of the panel.
4 Fold the hessian in half, matching the top and bottom raw edges, then cut along the fold line to produce two equal-sized pieces for the sack. The selvedges of the hessian will form the top and bottom edge of the sack.
5 Pin the appliqué panel to the centre of one of the hessian pieces as shown in <fig c>.
6 Sew the appliqué panel to the hessian using your chosen stitch. <fig d> We machine blanket-stitched ours in place using Aurifil 12wt wool thread.

7 Find the centre of the grosgrain ribbon, then attach it securely to the midline of the second hessian piece approximately 10” from the top. <fig e>
8 Place hessian panels wrong sides together, then pin and sew down both sides using a ¼” seam allowance.
9 Turn inside out and finger press the side seams so that they lie flat. Pin and sew down both sides using a ½” seam allowance. This step encloses the raw edges of the hessian for a tidy finish and is commonly referred to as a French seam.<fig f>

10 Pin and sew across the bottom of the hessian sack using a ½” seam allowance.
11 Turn right sides out, stand back and admire your work.



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