18 Sep

Free Project! Block of the Month Wall Art

Issue 3's Block of the Month quilt-a-long introduces a little applique into the mix. Use the Vine and Flowers block tutorial to knock up this lovely wall art

Vine and Flowers Wall Art by Reene Witchard


fabric scraps at least 2½” square for flowers
fabric scraps at least 1½x3” for leaves
assorted 3” and 4” x WOFQ strips for pieced background or 15¾x18½” piece of fabric
bias tape
card for templates
cheap 12x16” stretched canvas (ours cost £1)
staple gun

Optional but recommended
fabric glue stick
15¾” x 18½” light weight interfacing



1 If using a pieced background, cut and sew the 3” and 4” strips in a random fashion until you are happy with them and the panel measures approximately 15¾x18½”.
2 Follow steps 1-14 in Quilt Now issue 3 to complete the embellishments to the fabric panel. You can add as many vines, flowers and leaves as you like on this piece. (See Pic A.)
3 Apply the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric panel according to the manufacturers instructions. Take care not to get any wrinkles in the panel.
4 Place the fabric panel right side down on a flat surface, then place the stretched canvas centrally on the fabric panel. (See Pic B.)

5 Carefully wrap the fabric around the frame, securing each side with one staple in the centre. The fabric needs to be tight but not under so much tension that it distorts. (See Pic C.)
6 Turn the frame over to check the tension on the front. If you're happy that it's not baggy or distorted, go ahead and staple at regular intervals along both sides. (See Pic D.)

7 Carefully fold the corners of the fabric panel to give a neat, mitred finish. (See Pic E.)
8 When you're happy that the corners look neat from the front of the panel, secure them in place with staples at the rear, then staple at regular intervals to hold the rest of the fabric in place. (See Pic F.)
9 Trim off any excess fabric as necessary.


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