21 Aug

Free Project! Block of the Month Tablecloth

Issue 2 of Quilt Now sees the second instalment of Reene Witchard's Block of the Month quilt-a-long. Here's how to turn this issue's block into a slightly chic picnic blanket or tablecloth. 

Tablecloth Picnic Blanket by Reene Witchard


2½” strip WOFQ each of:
April Showers Teal Gingham
April Showers Navy Stripe
April Showers Yellow Stripe
April Showers Yellow Polka Dot
April Showers Red Gingham
April Showers Emerald Polka Dot
April Showers Navy Polka Dot
2½ yards Indigo Essex Yarn Dyed linen

Finished size approximately 42” square



From April Showers Teal Gingham cut four 2½” squares for inner quarter circles (piece 8)
From each of the remaining April Showers fabrics cut four 4½” strips for Dresden fan pieces (pieces 2-7)
From the Essex Yarn Dyed linen cut:
two 6½” strips, then sub-cut each of those into a 31” strip and two 6½” squares for outer Dresden frames (piece 1)
one 31” WOF piece
one 42½” WOF piece




1 Follow steps 1-17 of the magazine project to construct four Dresden fan blocks.


2 Sew a Dresden fan block to each end of the 31” strips with the fan orientated away from the strip, then press. (See figs m & n above.)

3 Sew the completed strips to the top and bottom of the 31” WOF piece using a ½” seam allowance, then trim to square up.

4 Place top right sides together with 42½” piece and pin in place.

5 Sew around the edges leaving a 4” turning gap on one of the sides.

6 Trim off the excess fabric from the edges and clip the corners as shown (See Fig O below.)

7 Turn right sides out through the turning gap then press carefully making sure that the edges are nice and crisp.

8 Topstitch close to the edge around all four sides of the cloth to finish.


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